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Daughter of the Light

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Published: 1 year ago

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Never having known quite where she belongs or even who she is, Enilia faces cold terror when she wakes up to find out that Elior left. After all, he is where she belongs, who she is, he is her everything and she has never been without him before. She sets out alone to find him again, never caring that it's quite dangerous for a young woman to ride alone across Laru in these times as the Dark is once again rising. Torn between the human race and the ainatunarit, hiding a secret that might get her brother killed if revealed, Enilia begins an adventure she couldn't have never imagined. She meets the ainatunari whom she always longed to know. Her father's people. Elior's people. Finally, along like-minded people she finds that she still has to find out just who she is, not really ainatunari, not really human. She is a Jani. A half. Falling in love twice in one week doesn't help. First the calm, the perfect one. The man she knew before in many lives...


loved the book


Thoroughly Enjoyed this book!!


Louise Andersen

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