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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

Dark Confluence: Book One of 'The Darkening' Trilogy

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Published: 2 years ago

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The small Queensland country town of Emerald Hills is under siege by paranormal forces! Jen McDonald faces a quandary. Traumatized by a car accident after seeing a mysterious, dark-shrouded figure on the road, Jen believes she may be losing her mind. Maybe there is instead a far more malign reason for the mysterious and frightening goings-on in Emerald Hills. Perhaps the enigmatic and otherworldly Fionn has the answers she needs? As the mystery unfolds before her, Jen begins to feel trapped, not only between warring factions of the supernatural Faeries, but also by her desire for one of them. She does not want to be a heroine, but it is possible that her newly discovered and special gift will force her to be the town's defender. (Low level horror, sexual references. 56,000 words)


This was actually very readable and well written.


enjoyed this very much,looking or the 2nd book cant find it on E books


enjoyed reading this novel. looking for the next book,but alas ebooks doesn't have it


Pretty good fantasy story although a little vague. In an attempt to keep the suspense going the author actually leaves the reader a bit in the dark. Great visuals though.


Good writing and unfolding of events..


A great book with a bit of suspense and horror. I would like to recommend to one who likes such books.

Janet Sbeinati

Quite riveting! I identified strongly with the heroine, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the trilogy.

Mark Belfield

Great book. I have now purchased the other two of the triligy. A recommended read

k krieger

Definitely a good read: original subject-matter, suspense, a bit of terror. Over all, a fun book. On my way to find the sequels

Dianne Blake Loflin

Excellent read, looking forward to the next two in the series.


Rosemary Fryth

Australian author, poet, sculptor, muso and lover of history and science.!/TheDarkeningTrilogy!/pages/The-Riothamus-trilogy/104106256414832

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