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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

Dane's Lair

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Published: 6 months ago

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Author: D.L. Gabriel

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Dane needs to feed. Desperately. His guide sends him a new victim, a woman named Athens who wants death’s deliverance. There’s just one problem. As a dragon, Dane would die too if he consumes the life force of one with no will to live. In an effort to make her suitable, Dane forges a bond he never wanted. Now he must face an ancient enemy in his weakened state and make the ultimate decision. Kill to retain his immortal dragon form losing the woman he loves in the process... Or face a powerful foe as a weakened mortal.


D.L. Gabriel

Born to weird parents and cursed with weirdness myself, I was always the one writing about situations that everyone else wouldn't touch, about drug deals gone bad... a police officer finding out her boyfriend was a criminal... and all in primary school. I

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