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Damage Control

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Published: 4 years ago

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When a Mexican drug lord sets his sights on celebrity money manager, Peter Hansen, a quiet terror is unleashed across suburban New Jersey. As Peter's investment business morphs into a money laundering center for drug lord Julio Viola, friends, family and clients get caught in the wake. Dr. Nick Johnson, Peter's good friend, is appointed to serve on a high profile heart drug study, and is flattered and eager to further his stagnant career. But Nick’s excitement turns to terror when Julio discovers the valuable inside information Nick has about the pharmaceutical trial and unwittingly makes it known to Nick that the cartel has no plans to let him live in the end. Will Julio deliver on his death warrant for Nick? Will a celebrity client take vengeance on Peter for his lies? Download this FREE e-Book today and find out!

Morris Kenyon

I won't give away the plot but I liked it so much I paid for it on Amazon. And that is high praise. It is a fast paced book. If Mr Gilbert will take this as constructive criticism, at times it reads like a first draft and could do with tightening up. However, I've read thrillers by mainstream authors which weren't as good.Keep up the writing.


Timothy Gilbert has a sequel to Damage Control out that rocks! Relevant criminals to today's world, fast action and very creative plot. I found his updated version of Damage Control on his site.

rob thomson

This is a fast paced thriller and a family drama all in one. Nice work. Right out of today's headlines


The only novel on this site that I couldn't put down once started. Blazing fast thriller with great characters. I like his take on families. Very relevant, creative plot. Timothy Gilbert, we need more of you!


A very strong beginning offers promise but falters 5 pages in.


Timothy Gilbert

Sequel is out! Overload is the name I have been writing Damage Control on and off for over two years with only limited interest from agents. The publishing world is in such chaos right now from sites like this. The sequel to Damage Control is being written and will be out in a few months. I have four beautiful kids that leave little precious time to write. Please enjoy my work. 12-07 update: I have a new idea for the opening chapter. Check out the new version at

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