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Cursed: The Ring

I would like to thank Nia May Green, for reading, rereading, re-re-reading
and commenting on all the hundred versions of this story from the start,
and for also keeping me entertained with the ideas and continuous
arguments, especially the ridiculous speculations of the ending.
Many thanks to Momina Raza, for contributing to the revision of this story
on it’s final stages.
Thank you to all the members of my queue on Critique Circle, for all your
feedback, extra patience, and reviews that opened my eyes to the world of
writing and self-publishing.
Rebecca Roslyn Ngoo, thank you for being the youngest reviewer on the
team and contributing to the development of the story.
I also would like to thank Gabrielle Ngoo, for being so annoying.
Last but not least, David Ngoo, because you were just there all the time.