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Cupping: A Prophetical Medicine Appears in Its New Scientific Perspective

Chapter One
The Starting Point
The starting point took place when the professor and
researcher A. k. John alias Al- Dayrani, began verifying and
publishing the books of his great teacher, the savant
Mohammad Amin Sheikho, and in fulfilling his wish in
introducing the cupping operation to the human
community in an authentic and scientific manner in order
to enable people to get use of this marvelous medical gem.
After practically checking thousands of wondrous recovery
cases during long elapsing years which culminated in the
discovery of the cupping operation in its correct scientific
In fact, Prof. Al-Dayrani oriented a big number of some
great Syrian physicians in unique and distinct explanations
about the cupping operation and its strict rules got from his
teacher, the savant Mohammad Amin Sheikho.