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That evening, I invited all my friends to my home. Alice, Lusy, Jack and
Peter came with loads of gifts in their hands.
ÐHi!“ Lusy said.
ÐHi!“ I said.
ÐWhere is the newcomer?“ Peter asked.
ÐHe is in the corridor. Come and meet him.“ I replied in a delightful
We went together towards the corridor to have a glimpse of the stranger.
ÐWow! He’s so handsome!“ Jack remarked.
The pup was indeed of fond beauty. He was a little bundle of fur. Everyone
agreed he was a strange looking puppy. His face was a pitch black but the
rest of his body, except for the patch on his back and smaller one around his
tail area, was as white as snow. Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t ugly; on the
contrary, he was an adorable bundle whom you just wanted to squeeze and
love. His teeth, which were pearly white, were revealed in a grin which
frightened my friends. I instructed the pup not to show his anger. Soon, he
realized that the guests are indeed my known ones. He wagged his tail and
barked in a bleak voice. Jack patted him.
Soon, we all were sitting across the dining table, tasting the tomato soup
garnished with coriander.
ÐHey! The soup is too good to resist!“ Peter said.
ÐYa! He’s right!“ Alice added.
ÐSo what are your plans?“ Lusy asked.
ÐI couldn’t understand. What plans dear?“ I asked.
ÐI mean to say, what are you thinking about giving the name to the pup?“
Lusy explained.
ÐOh! I still don’t know! Can you suggest me with some interesting
names?“ I pleaded.
ÐWhy not to search the names on the net?“ Peter said.
ÐYa! It’s a good idea!“ I said.
We turned on the computer. More than a thousand names were on display.
We all had different preferences. With no similar views, we got confused.
Just then, the pup came running after us. Alice took him in her lap and
hugged gently.