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(by Suruchi Puri)
It was a damp night. The last evening sizzled with showers, enough to soak
an elephant. Dad’s snoring was making me a helpless creature. I just
couldn’t sleep with that heavy noise. Just then, a sudden crack added to my
surprise. ‘Who on the earth would be here at this time?’ I lifted myself off
the bed to have a glimpse of the stranger.
The clock struck sharp 12 at the midnight. I tiptoed in the corridor. The
new guest had already given his sign of arrival. A bleak voice followed by a
raucous bark dashed through my ears. I was wondering how to tackle the
situation when the voice again convulsed and disappeared. It seemed that the
new guest and me were playing hide and seek in the wee hours of midnight.
I followed the footsteps and to my surprise, I saw a tail wagging. I leapt
forward and last but not the least, I met the alien. He was a little white
German shepherd pup. I wanted to give him space so that he could come
meeting me at his own will. He realized my movement in a short span of
time and thus, I found a new companion in the world.
I dashed towards the bathroom and got myself with a towel. Mom shirked
for I was going to make an awful use of it. But I didn’t respond. I put the
towel on his body and rubbed gently. In a few minutes, he was wiped off
completely. By the time, I prepared some milk and poured it into a bowl.
The bowl was presented by my aunt on my birthday. It was gifted so that I
could put down my chocolates in it. She knew how much I loved chocolates.
But I thought to make use of it in a different manner. Mom was getting hot
tempered by seeing all the activities going around her. She complained but I
didn’t care.
The entire night, the new companion had put us awake. I decided to make
him stay in my house. I had no brothers and sisters, nor too many friends in
the locality. So his presence was likely to make me feel more joyful. Now, at
least I had someone with whom I could share my happiness and sorrows.
The very next morning, I quickly packed my school bag and bid goodbye
to my new friend. He barked in a low voice and wagged his tail. Probably,
he was thankful to me as he found a new family to live with.