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Cubase VST-System Exclusive Handling

Cubase VST allows you to record and manipulate System Exclusive data in various
ways. This chapter points to various features that helps you manage and create Sys-
tem Exclusive data.
The Studio Module (described in its own book) handles virtually all your System Exclusive
needs, giving you full control over your MIDI studio. The following information is for oc-
casions when you choose not to use the Studio Module and instead use Cubase VST’s nor-
mal recording and editing facilities.
Bulk Dumps
Activating a Dump from the front panel of an Instrument
In any programmable device, all settings are stored as numbers in computer mem-
ory. Change those numbers, and you will change the settings.
Normally, MIDI devices allow you to dump (transmit) all or some settings in the de-
vice's memory, in the form of MIDI System Exclusive messages. Return these mes-
sages, and you get the settings back. This is (among other things) a way of making
backup copies of the settings of any instrument.
If your instrument allows the dumping of a few or all of its settings via MIDI by the
activation of some function on the front panel, this dump will most probably be re-
cordable in Cubase VST.
1. Connect the MIDI Out of the instrument to a MIDI In on the computer.
2. Open the MIDI Filter dialog and make sure it allows System Exclusive to get recorded
(no filter activated) but prevents it from being Thru-put (filter activated).
System Exclusive
should be recorded,
but not thru-put.
- 3 -