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Crotchet Castle

and the children, and how I amuse myself, and everything that I think you will like
to hear about: and when I seal this letter, I shall drop a kiss on the cover.
"Your loving daughter,
"Susannah Touchandgo.
P.S.--Tell Mr. Robthetill I will write to him in a day or two. This is the little song I
spoke of:
"Beyond the sea, beyond the sea,
My heart is gone, far, far from me;
And ever on its track will flee
My thoughts, my dreams, beyond the sea.
"Beyond the sea, beyond the sea,
The swallow wanders fast and free;
Oh, happy bird! were I like thee,
I, too, would fly beyond the sea.
"Beyond the sea, beyond the sea,
Are kindly hearts and social glee:
But here for me they may not be;
My heart is gone beyond the sea."