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Create Your First Website By 3:45 This Afternoon

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Published: 5 years ago

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Author: Chris Farrell

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This book was created and written by Chris Farrell, who began Internet marketing in February of 2008. Within six (6) months, he was experiencing his first $250 per day day. Within nine (9) months, he had his first $1,000 per day day (all figures are verifiable). Chris is now a full-time Internet Marketer and Product Developer. Are you constantly thinking that you want to make money online? Would you like to be taught exactly how to create a website? Do you see the massive opportunity, but do not know what to actually do next? Discover what to do next in this FREE, ready for download eBook. Download it now!

Gail South

Way too many links to buying the videos for my liking. It was hard to read as a pdf or a text file this way.

Rodney Downey

This book got me on trck again, I;ve published my website and am working on better web pages. All in all a very good beginners book. Now to improve and further build confidance here we go.

Nicholas Cilliers

I've looked at the other books, yours is still the easiest to understand and do.

Mark T

This book is more of an advertisement than it is helpful toward developing a website. Keep looking and don't waste one of your 5 free monthly downloads on this.


it was very informative, even though i have not yet developed the website i will use this book as reference as soon as i do


excellent... thank you so much for the book

rajkishor pandey

thish book is very helpful for beginners to create his/her website.


Learned a lot from this tutorial...thanks...

collo chumah



excellent description about web design.

cindy cindy

really basic and helpful :)


The firts book which really helped me to set up a webpage!! Thanks you so much!!


well illustrated, good layout, easy language.thanks


This book definitely serves the purpose of helping the users to create a basic web-page.The highlight is that the book is in a easy narrative way!!!!!!THANKS TO CHRIS FARRELL FOR HIS GREAT CONTRIBUTION....

james l

I learned more in a few hours then in months. Chris is amazing!


Thank you so much for this inspirational book. I have been needing to create a website, but dreading the process, certain it would be way beyond my capabilities. Your book has given me the inspiration and courage to give it a try! THANK YOU!Maga


This is by far the most wonderful business creation guide i've ever obtained. I have kick started something and step by step, am very much on course. thanks Mr. Farrell.

Simon Casey

The best book out there for starting an online business and web site, Chris Farrell walks you through everything needed to succeed online.


I love it so much


This is a Great title and can really help a new designer and an individual like me to kick start his/her career on the vast world wide web and reach the heights of success and prosperity if mixed with the creativity and efforts of oneself with the experiences shared by the author.Great Title, hope to continue to receive such great book links.Thank You


Great information, I can't wait to use it.


WOW! this book is amazing. You have my vote! Hope my donation helps you bring out more good stuff like this. I'm confident that this ebook will help me get my first website up and running, maybe not by 3:45 this afternoon but I'm sure it'll happen very soon.


This is exactly what I was looking for. Who would have thought this information would be free??? Seriously, you could be selling this for good money. I found most parts easy enough to understand so far and I love how you have included the free video course to help computer illiterate people like myself. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Two thumbs up!


Chris Farrell

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