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Published: 2 years ago

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Author: Victoria Rollison

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Rookie journalist Alex North usually dismisses conspiracy theories as paranoia. But she can’t ignore murder and terrorism. Soon she finds herself at the heart of what seems to be the mother of all conspiracies. Not only must she prevent a false flag nuclear attack, but also expose who is behind a plot that goes to the heart of international media, power and politics.


Implausible, but still a good story, fast paced, keep my interest well enough to finish in one read

Flavia Oliveira

The premise of this book is that no matter what your government does in secret, it always has its citizens best interest in mind -- its actions, however difficult it might be to be understood by the common John and Jane, are always moved by lofty ideals and the greater good of mankind. Conspiracy theories are nothing but the product of a bunch of lunatics who are out to create confusion and mayhem by turning citizens against both their governments and a "well meaning" wealthy elite. The main character, a journalist named Alex North, never seems to know much about anything and, like an obedient child in the presence of adults, is easily driven around and instructed what to do by people she knows nothing about. Then, to increase her lack of depth even more, Alex can't be around a good looking guy named Henry without blushing or "feeling her insides melt", even if the guy in question is a total stranger she has just met. Given that the story happens in the course of two days (Saturday and Sunday), by night time of the first day they met they were already in each other's arms exchanging a passionate kiss -- How believable is that? The ending feels like a syrupy commemoration of the brotherhood of mankind, hooray!! One interesting thing about this book is that at times it reads like an advertisement for apple products: Whenever someone needs to use a computer, they will use a Macbook; if they want to relax and listen to music, no ear-phone will touch their ears if it's not plugged to an ipod; off course the tablet of choice is the ipad, and what phone do you think they will use if they want to make a phone call? The answer starts with i. ;)

David Thornton

Better than I expected. The book was entertaining and well written.. With respect to plot, I do have two complaints. First, the author fundamentally misunderstands the Tea Party. Second, without giving away too much, the ending was a little too kumbayah. The author seems to think that some conspiracies are beneficial if they achieve an end that she agrees with. We live in a country with the rule of law and the ending would be a gross violation of our laws and the democratic process. In reality, it would also make the world a much more dangerous place and not a safer one.

Linda Wilson

I thoroughly enjoyedd this book and look forward to your next adventure.


Very good story line and well written. Chapters are rather short that suggests more detail could have been added. But no complaint with story line,


Victoria Rollison

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