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Collection Prose, Poems, Plays and Songs

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Published: 2 years ago

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Teresa Lynn Paris McDonnell presents a lifetime COLLECTION of her original prose, poems, plays and songs in the genres of science fiction, horror, mystery, spirituality, social comment, humor and satire, with a few true stories thrown in along with autobiographical author's notes on each story. Visit Changes Inc. where you can correct past mistakes. See the soccer game of the future in Hat Trick. Meet the son of the Devil in a Seed of Doubt. Laugh at the antics of gangster Alice in The Underworld.


Teresa Lynn Paris McDonnell

I am American, having moved to Liverpool, England, in 1998 to marry my British husband. In my Jounrnalism career, I've been a marketing copywriter, newspaper reporter and photographer, magazine editor, proofreader, computer layout artist, I was a volunteer writer for a radio station and I was an overworked, overjoyed print production manager. Currently, I work in a call centre because the digital age has eliminated the need for print shops and the few jobs remaining are hard to get for those of us over 50. In my spare time, I do freelance editing/proofreading and spend a lot of time with my cats and dog. I'm a born-again Christian and a vegetarian (yes, I miss meat, but I love animals too much to eat them anymore; it's a personal choice not a judgment).

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