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Published: 5 years ago

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A strange eBook, with a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor. No mainstream publisher would accept it, although they all seemed to like it. Features lesbians, kidnapping, a futuristic world, and coffee addiction. FREE, and ready for download now!


This is More like an outline for a story. It seems rushed as if written in an afternoon, rather than a finished book. I found it rather irritating.


The Coffee was very mild in taste and strong in its odor. A short story with an unfinished task. I felt that the book is not complete and wrote in a rush. The expressions were good. Keep it up.


this story is crazy. i chuckled and shook my head while reading it. love it. loved it!!!

Samuel Plahetka

It leaves me lost for words that someone stole this book, changed the name to coffee jokes and coffee jokes and put it up on Barnes&noble and Amazon in the kindle store. Outraged actually. I have a few estories available that I've specifically made free because of this. They are available elsewhere but I'll be releasing them here too very soon.


Needs more detail and some proof reading. The plot was different, how could anyone be offended? There is no explicit sex.


Love the book and the fact that it lets your mind fill in the blanks/the rest of the scene. More please

Pat Noyb

Ai consider this a short story not a book. In a short story collection such as chick in chain mail with a bit added it could be published in a book. You just need to realize the majority of readers may not like it, its more for those that like humor and variation in their reading. I recommend a bit more on coffee add as I loaded this story because of the title /description and my coffee addiction. I did like this story and would recommened it to others with similer likes and I'm a women, so loosen up all those insulted due to this and that. The story wasent even half as racey as some books in school libarys that are deemed classics.

Samuel Plahetka

I worked very hard to write and get this ebook just so, balanced so half the people would hate it and the other half would love it. Thank you :) If you want to show me more likes or dislikes I have a web fiction blog about zombies at http://apocalypseletter.blogsp...

Jamie Marshall

Too many sentences that start with 'I'. Poor or lacking transitions through out the story. Needs more "meat on the bone" in terms of description and work.

Jamie Marshall

The book has potential to be really good. The text has very few descriptors, but a good start of a plot. Parts of the story are hard to follow for lack of transitions. Then too many sentences start with 'I'. Over all wonderful idea, just needs revision and more "meat on the bone" so to speak.


I bit 'gappy' could have had a little more description as seemed to jump a bit. A good short story otherwise x


written by a man, so funny, good book, enjoyed it, typical mans fantasy, well done


Guess now I understand why no publishing company has bought it. Sorry, but that's my opinion.


This was wretched fluff. The plot was juvenile and poorly planned. The conversation is horribly stilted and forced. You need a lot of work on fill-in details. You walk into a jungle. You see a cave. There are people. Expound on that. Details, descriptions, etc.


This is definitely one of those strange books that'll make you go 'huh?' when you read it for the first time. But the end, you'll see the underlying genius, just as if it were a missing manuscript from the lines of Burrough's controversial 'Naked Lunch'.


I want more! Very interesting, keeps you entertained and wanting more.


Pubescent art/fantasy. Best quote: "The idea was pungent."


Being a coffee addict myself, I found this story very amusing. Well written and a clear thought process. Well done!


Samuel Plahetka

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