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Closer than Breathing - a Light Gay Odyssey

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Published: 4 years ago

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The world of antiquarian books may seem light years away from the world of sex, drugs and rock and roll, but events bring Ben, a young gay man, to forge a route between them. He navigates his way through a clutch of odd, eccentric people, including drug dealers, Goths, psychics, veteran author Loyd Larcher and ageing rock musicians Rick Schwagger and Heath Prityards. Opportunities along the way help him win through to true love with a level headed and down to the earth's boyfriend. Download this FREE e-book today!


Glad you liked the book, John. Thanks for taking the time to say so!Best wishesAlan


My books are not mainstream/popular fiction. There is so much fiction on the market, you are wise to move on if you pick something up that doesn't appeal.Alan Keslian


Sorry that the ending didn't work for you, but glad you were engaged by the narrative, and thanks for the comment. Feedvback is always instructive.Best wishesAlan


Forgive me if I don't answer your question, Willem. Some things are, perhaps, best left unexplained. I'm glad you liked the book - a little encouragement means a lot to me.Best wishesAlan


Loved. this book, it really kept me entranced:for the entire read. Let's see some more adventures.

K R Parrott

Lost interest in the storyline and quit reading.


Generally I hate books about books being written.This is a well thought through and planed love story, the griping tail of Ben and his experiences of love not all good, the bad and the ugly. The use of ancient Egyptian symbolism and mysticism was used well and not to over bearing. Alicia is one of the characters that make the book worth reading even if it’s just to find out what exuberant hat she is wearing. The intertwined saga of finding the one love to spend your live with and the preachers of being a ghost writer, having a fulltime job and helping Alicia at the store keep the book interesting. The gayness was a surprising change to the usual love story…One Question: how did Alicia Know?


A good story that drew me into it however a bit of a weak ending I thought


this book sounds hilarious!


Alan Keslian

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