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Choosing The Right Web Host by Mikey J

Choosing The Right Web Host
OK, so you have aspirations to create your first
website and now all you need to do is get your
website published on the internet.
But where do you start?
Well, to get your website onto the internet, you need
web hosting.
Web hosting is basically the rental of webspace on
the internet, allocated in megabytes. This is where
all the files and folders that make up a website are
Allocations of webspace are stored on a web server,
which is very similar to the hard drive on your
computer. The more webspace that your web
hosting account has, the more files you can upload
onto it.
Now, you know that you need to find a web hosting
company to host your website on the internet, so
you type in “web hosting” into the search engines
…suddenly, you are faced with a long list of literally
thousands of different web hosting companies in the
search results!
You browse a few of the websites to try and make
sense of it all, but all they offer is a long list of
Written by Mikey J Published by dotcom Allsorts