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Chaos, Tales of a King 2

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Published: 4 months ago

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Author: Joana Acevedo Ocasio

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Joana Acevedo Ocasio cleverly entangles you into this well-told tale about Kings and Queens. Prepare your mind for a trip full of excitement. What was thought to be true love has turned into a battle for survival. This second installment of the Tales of a King Series will change every notion you had about what is truly paramount.


Joana Acevedo Ocasio

Joana Acevedo Ocasio (27 September 1967 - X) born in Chicago, Illinois. Her first book "My Life with the Law" was published in 2000. Her second book written with members of 80's juvenile musical group is "Los Chicos~Mil Recuerdos, Sus Historias" published in 2012. On the side of being a writer, Joana also was a video host on MusicaVirtualTV and sang with several music groups as a young girl. Joana now lives in Illinois with her two daughters and a son. Joana has released "Palabras Calladas", "Madison Avenue" & "Mischief, Tales of a King" book one of a trilogy. She has currently completed "To Tom, With Love...". A book created with the fans of actor Tom Hiddleston, as a gift for him. All royalties/proceeds of this book goes to help UNICEF United Kingdom. A charity dear to her heart. Chaos, Tales of a King 2 is due for release July 4, 2014.

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