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Caveman Uhuh Meets The Super Unknown

B.Fish 3
In this universe of life lives many mysteries, many infinite stories of new
beginnings just waiting to be told and re-told.
Behold all that has now been made possible; all that has been created,
incredibly, miraculously, seemingly out of Nothing.
Let all behold; Imagine; Dream; be told stories of things far greater, bigger, more
infinitely vast than anything, anyone could ever, will ever, imagine possible; to
the mightiest of the all mighty energies:
Now let's take it down a few degrees.
Try to imagine what it would have been like for a cave-person in a far simpler
time; not an easier time; it definitely wouldn't have been easy being a cave-
person. Especially this 1 specific caveman, named Uhuh.
So perhaps it's better to say: in a far simpler frame of mind.
In a cave-person/cave-man/Uhuh's mind of understanding.
To have stood in awe; a witness to an infinitesimally smaller, less abstract, far
less grand version, of the “big bang” Theory.
To have been a cave-person who had just observed a meteorite or " Big ball of
Firelight”, fall from the sky.
Still an awesomely, extraordinary, supernatural event, to say the least.
Or more SIMPLY put; as described by this one specific Cave-man named Uhuh.
" Huh?..Ummm..Oh Oh.! Ooh ooh ..ugh.. BIG FIRE GO BOOM !.AHHH!".
Which is almost exactly what Uhuh the caveman said as he watched in wide
eyed amazement as the falling star descended brilliantly from the heavenly
evening sky in a kaleidoscopic conflict of gas and chemical reactions; battling to
maintain their energy; fighting to sustain greatness, in all that is; was; this great
big ball of burning light.
All happening right there, miraculously, before Uhuh's very eyes !
This great ball of fire, unlike others never seen before, grew intensely brighter
in its attempt to fight off the burning protection of the defending planet's
atmosphere, but, in a blinding flash of scorching heat and rolling thunder, unable
to defend itself any further, the reluctant alien energy ultimately succumbs to its
inevitable fate.