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Caught Up

Caught Up
C. Swonk
There was no way she would remarry – like anyone would want to live with her.
Ha, maybe that is why Denny’s dad was a drunk – because of her! Terrible of me to think
it, but I tell it like it is. Couldn’t she see she needed to give those two boys a break?
Anyway. Isn’t life about having some good times, self-awareness and
accomplishing something positive in life? Do things for you, for your own satisfaction,
not to please everyone else all the time? Be in control. Couldn’t she ever stoop low
enough to let her boys enjoy something?
I met her for the first time at that restaurant on the golf course on Victory
Boulevard, about four months after Denny and I started dating. I never want to step foot
in Copperfield’s again. Denny was scared she would not like me. It was like I was in a
shoe box, set apart from everyone else in his life, only to be opened when she wasn’t
around. No wonder both he and I were so tense when I finally met her. And get this: right
there, while we are sitting in the middle of the restaurant, she stops to pray for her food.
How embarrassing! Everyone was staring at us, at me. I smiled at them and looked down.
Then she was trying to proselytize me, ranting and going on and on about stuff I have
never heard of or care about – you should do this, don’t do this, you need to do that, blah,
blah, blah. Bunk, I say, total bunk.
She was telling me about some book she was writing, as if she is a writer.
She has a Bachelor of Music degree from a local state college. Now, how lame is
that and who says she can write? Better yet, who cares if she can write, no one will read
it. A musician that can tell you how the world will end? Her book idea was pretty lame,
something futuristic and barely believable, if not a bit of an over-done plot these days.
End times. She was talking as if I knew all about it and cared about the topic. Ha. End