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Caught Up

Caught Up
C. Swonk
Back to my tirade which I am sure you want to know more. I will scrub the death
out of this pan if I get all huffy over someone like her. It isn’t right.
Ah, my mother- in- law. The ever-present, ever-nagging, ever-everything you
wouldn’t want in a mother- in-law: “The Mrs. Amy Colton.”
I could feel it the day I met her. Denny warned me. My yes, did he warn me.
Telling me how his mother is a control freak and has to have everything her way. He told
stories of how she would base every decision on right or wrong, good verses bad,
punishment instead of reward. Always repercussions and conseq uences. No fun, no
silliness, no joking around, no nothing. Boring lives, boring upbringing and always
“following the letter of the law” attitudes and outcomes. You know that kind of person? I
am sure you have one in your life too.
Granted when her husband died in the car accident on Mulholland Drive when
Denny was fifteen, she had to deal with raising two sons. Her husband should not have
been drinking on Christmas Eve, simple as that. Accept it; move on with your life. But
instead of helping her boys with the loss of their father, she hindered them with her
incessant nagging, prodding, negativity and demoralizing. How she treated her sons when
he died was asinine. According to Denny, she favored Hal anyway and always put the
screws to my husband. As per Denny, she always grated and chastised him, always told
him to clean his room, not her precious first-born Hal. He was perfect in her eyes from
day one. Even though Hal denies it, it is how Denny perceived her “love.” Why couldn’t
she give them any slack? They no longer had a drunken father who drove himself into a
tree in the middle of the night. Wake up, lady.