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Caught Up

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Published: 3 years ago

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Author: C. Swonk

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Thinking that she is in control, Sarah has to deal with Biblical events to come that are beyond her understanding. You the reader may relate to this short novella that can be read in a couple of hours. Download this FREE e-Book today!

Lois Lane

I really liked this book. As much as I wanted to dislike Sarah, I kept rooting for her to open her mind and her heart. I especially liked the second half of the book and thought the ending was well thought out.


read it today; intersting story & approach.

Mary Morris

This is an awesome book.I pray that everyone would read it and come to know the lord. Be blessed.

I finally finished the revised version. I believe that it was a much better ending and not such a "cop out" as the original. I believe that others will praise this book.Thanks for writing it.

Tammy Galarza

Very interesting book, I do like how the writer made it a book within a book. Then closes it in a ministering fashion. Good Job!

yvette brunswick

Very well written. Kept me totally interested.

I was a little disappointed at the ending, but this is an overall "good read". It is well worth your time to sit and read this. Keep an open mind and let the message "wash over you".


Thought provoking......a powerful way of telling us how to be saved and also making us realize the need to be saved.....Well presented !!!!

Ida Richardson

Loved this book. Good job C. Swonk. Hope to read more by you.

Faye Lamontt

The first pages are hard to read for a Christian but feeling it had to have a redeeming ending I kept going. I was not disappointed!


C. Swonk

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