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Case Studies Book in Finance and Accounting

International Research Journal of Applied Finance (
Case Studies in Finance and Accounting
The Case of the Drifting Exchange Rate
Allen B. Atkins, Roxanne Stell, & Larry Watkins
5 - 7
Integrating a New Business into the Financial Planning Process at Unilever
Barbara Magi Tarasovich
8 - 12
Manufacturas Lizard
Francisco López Lubián
13 - 24
BCE Inc. Privatization: Fact or Fiction?
Imed Chkir, & Kaouthar Lajili
25 - 38
Pacific Health Care: What should the Controller do?
Kenneth Danko, & William Hefter
39 - 42
The Dolphin Bay Development: Optimum Strategy using Network Analysis
Malcolm Smith
43 - 49
Mercy Hospital: A Case Analysis
Mark McCartney, Ronald Marden, & Lawrence Kickham
50 - 56
Privatization: Chicago Parking Meters, LLC
Michael Tucker
57 - 61
Blue Mountain State University- A Case Study. Selecting Socially Responsible Contractors
for a New Building
Steven A. Allen, Ramachandran Ramanan, & Naomi Soderstrom
62 - 76
Omega Tech Case: Putting it all together
Patricia Derrick
77 - 84
Antiock Hardware: An Inventory Case Study
Paul C. Schauer
85 - 87