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Health Ebooks

Case Notes From a Family Doctor

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Published: 2 years ago

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Author: Ken Kee

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TABLE OF CONTENT Chapter 1 My Clinic Chapter 2 Family Friend Chapter 3 Family Counselor Chapter 4 Hospital Cases –Anesthesia, kidney transplant Chapter 5 Cancer Cases Chapter 6 Diagnosis Cases Chapter 7 Orthopedic Diseases Cases Chapter 8 Neuralgia Diseases Cases Chapter 9 Lung Diseases Cases Chapter 10 Gastrointestinal Cases Chapter 11 Skin Cases Chapter 12 Men’s Diseases Chapter 13 Woman’s Diseases Chapter 14 Chronic Diseases Cases Chapter 15 Venous Diseases Cases Chapter 16 Eye Diseases Cases Chapter 17 ENT Diseases Cases Chapter 18 Infectious Diseases Cases Chapter 19 Brain Diseases Cases Chapter 20 Epilogue


Ken Kee

Dr Kenneth Kee has been a medical doctor since 1972 graduating from the University of Singapore . Dr Kenneth Kee is still working as a family doctor at the age of 63. He is the author of 105 medical ebooks at Kindle and Smashwords

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