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Published: 3 years ago

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Author: Sheridan Le Fanu

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Download this FREE e-Book in which the exquisite and deadly vampire, Carmilla haunts LeFanu's influential novel. A Gothic tale of blood and terror, this work by author Sheridan Le Fanu inspired later classics by Bram Stoker and Robert Louis Stevenson. Download it today!


Love the style. Easy to fall into the story.

Ella Portman

So I thought it was a little predictable and at the same time some parts weren't, but it was overall a descent story. I didn't think the ending overall was all that great however.

Dorothy Johnson

Totally awesome you knew what was happening

Joana Carneiro

I really enjoyed reading this book :)

Eric Malambo

nice story. i love the English and just the whole thing happening like a movie. great stuff right there. its amazing how one name is being turned around at different times; carmilla, millarca and micarlla

Ardis Granberg

This book was too short & entirely too predictable!!

Kathleen Thorpe

Someone mentioned the archaic language. As a lover of classic books, I'm quite used to this. Loved the book. The day after I'd finished it, they broadcast an abridged version on the radio. Loved that too. Dracula is too long and has many boring bits. Carmilla is shorter and the suspense is cranked up throughout, until the final, thrilling, blood curdling scene.

Laura Ann Moylan

Good vampire story, a bit archaic

karthik mangipudi

its not at all horrifying. the story looks like a mixture of dracula stories

sharyl friend pavlisko

Awesome! A must for the vampire fan, especially the classic Dracula fan!!


Although quite predictable this is a good read and a pity it isn't longer. The wording is very old fashioned which hinders the flow of the novel but that is our modern flaw and not the fault of the author who has a wonderful way of using his words to describe (they all had a richer vocabulary back then)Well worth a look!


Its great


Sheridan Le Fanu

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