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CULT: A Memoir

Author’s Forward
PART I: The Script
Chapter 2: Rope or Snake?
Chapter 3: In Touch with the Down Under
Chapter 4: How Close to the Flame?
PART II: Into The Unknown
Chapter 5: Taking the Heat
Chapter 6: Heritage
Chapter 7: The Microphone
Chapter 9: Standing in the Place You Are In
Chapter 10: To Mean or Not to Mean
Chapter 11: Letting Go the Hawk
PART III: The Sanctity of Final Things
Chapter 12: Dying for Truth
Chapter 13: Love
Chapter 14: Cracks in the Foundation
Chapter 15: Catching Thieves
Chapter 16: The Roof Comes Off
Chapter 17: Weeding
Chapter 18: Pilgrimage
PART IV: Ungrasping the Light that Casts Shadows
Chapter 19: Desert
Chapter 1: Gale
Chapter 8: The Fabric of Being