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Build Your Own Home Theater

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Published: 3 years ago

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Author: Frank Fazio

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Ever since word got out that I built an actual 11 person theater in my basement, I have been swamped with questions from family and co-workers about how they can do the same thing. Since I was tired of repeating myself every time someone asked me for my opinion or information, I wrote this free 18 page beginners guide that will teach you the fundamentals of constructing your very own home theater. There are 3 important parts to a home theater... the first is the video, the second is the audio, and the third is the room. In this ebook, we are going to be concerned with understanding the video and audio portions.


Frank Fazio

Frank Fazio has been constructing home theaters for 15 years and has experience with many different types of setups, from the simple to the more complex dedicated theater. He is the founder of the Home Theater Secrets Revealed website and continues to write articles to document his experiences for others to enjoy.

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