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Budget Friendly, DIY, Homemade Christmas Gifts

Small Gifts for Greeting Cards
Budget friendly gifts that fit inside greeting cards for men, women,
teen boys, teen girls, young boys, young girls, babies,
couples, co-workers and pets … also including novelty and gag gifts
for funny occasions...
By D. R. Humphrey
Table of Contents
Pets (and Animal Lovers)
Boys and Girls Under 5
Boys Under 12
Girls Under 12
Teen Girls
Teen Boys
Adult Women
Adult Men
Hobbies and Interests
golfers- writers/book lovers- fishermen & women- frequent travelers &
fliers- antiques & vintage collectors- scrapbookers & crafters- campers &
fans of the outdoors- train collectors- athletes & sports fans- tea &
coffee drinkers- bakers & cooks- knitters, quilters, crochet & sewing- art
& music lovers- gadget & tech gifts
Christmas Gifts for Men and Boys,
starts on page 35, thanks.