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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

Bozo and the Storyteller

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Published: 4 years ago

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Imagine our world was nothing more than a Story - you, the room you're in and everyone on the entire planet are just figments in the imagination of a Storyteller. But he's dying. And then what would become of our world? Would it just fade away? A creature called Bozo volunteers to enter the Story and look for a Cure. This is a magical book that is suitable or anyone who has never grown up. Download it today!

Colin Perini

Honest,humorous and thick with insight and truth.

Candy Chamberlin

I really enjoyed this book. Interesting view of what we take for everyday items and actions. No heavy violence, sex scenes or vampires for a change :) Proof that good books exist w/o all that! I'm 51. Didn't really think of it from a child's viewpoint until I read the other reviews. I'm sure all ages would like it.


Very much enjoyed this novel - i am an adult reader of - 'young adult' stuff. Most enjoyable book for me since American Gods by Neil Gaeman - that's a big compliment for me. Probably appealed to my liking for something different, based on a newer (or older) way of seeing the universe..

Pat Noyb

Great book, differant from many other stories today.


Loved it! Sure hope there's a sequel. Unlike Theo, I do not like being left hanging at the end of a story ;)


Great story. It's trying sometimes and some parts are a little out there. Overall, it was good.


Imaginative, funny and fast paced. I finished this book in a single sitting. Highly recommended.


Great little story book ideal for children of all ages.


A very entertaining, easily read book with a lot of humour.I've already recommended it to quite a few of my friends. :)


A really great little book with wit and humour throughout. Ideal for children of all ages, a great holiday read for those like me who want light entertainment next to the pool rather than heavy tomes. The plot is well thought through and hangs together well.


This was very entertaining.


Easy and fun to read,light entertainment. Marty P


Tom Glaister

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