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BONE-CRUSHER: A Godric MacEuan Novella: A TALE FROM THE SIEGE MASTER SERIES, THE EPIC STORY OF THE FIRST CRUSADE, TOLD AS NEVER BEFORE: THE RECOLLECTIONS OF A SIEGE LORD WHO BATTLES TURKS, TRAITORS, STARVATION AND DEATH ITSELF TO WIN A CRUSADE AND RECLAIM HOLY JERUSALEM. Sheriff-at-large Baron Godric MacEuan is testing his new prototype siege engine when King Malcolm summons him: Stop rogue Viking earl Odinsoye from raiding convents and monasteries, massacring clerics to steal treasure. But Odinsoye has hidden well, in an impregnable stone tower concealed within an isolated loch. Can it be taken? Can Odinsye be stopped? Or will attacking him instead start a vicious new war between Scots and Vikings? Read BONE-CRUSHER to find out!For more of Godric, visit


Tom Vetter

TOM VETTER is the author of "Call to Crusade," the first book in the "Siege Master" series, in which Baron Godric MacEuan relates his experiences as siege master of the First Crusade, and "Bone-Crusher," a Godric MacEuan novella highlighting Godric’s development and combat use of the first counterweight trebuchet. Tom has also written a soon-to-be-published work of nonfiction, "Thirty Thousand Leagues Undersea," which recounts his adventures in the deep ocean as a submarine officer and deep submergence pilot. Tom lives with his wife in Dumfries, Virginia, and as care-giver duties permit, he writes every day.

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