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Blood & Earth

Blood & Earth
by Dai Alanye
Copyright 2011 by Dai Alanye
This ebook is licensed for your free personal enjoyment only, a nd may not be sold or given away to
others. For purposes of reader convenience a nd accuracy of sta tistical data , plea se download an additional
copy for each reader.
Blood & Earth is a n original work of fiction. All chara cters, locations a nd incidents a re creations of
the writer's imagina tion. Any resemblance to actual happenings or to persons living or dead is strictly
Blood & Earth
Chapter 1 — Lagoon
There we were, Vera and I, bobbing in the middle of the Great Lagoon—our small
single-master locked to a pirate’s larger craft, and facing the boss sea-raider himself.
He called out in Flœklægh, the lingua Franca of the lag oon and its environs.
"Hear, man of dirt—give me the female and it will go better for you."
I managed to keep my return shout steady, partly due to the concentration
necessary when speaking an alien language.
"So, man of blood—what use have you for a female of dirt?"
Before the grapnel was thrown I'd managed to keep the outrigger toward the pirate
boat. Waves hissed and slapped in the fifteen feet of water separating me from the
muscular bronze humanoid—not distance enough for comfort.
The pirate glanced at the audience—his crew—then back.
"Pay heed: When has a true man no need of an additional female?"
Hoots arose behind him—even on Nov Austrasia it was deemed wise to laugh at
the boss's jokes. But the crossbowman beside the chief laughed not, nor did his aim
stray from my chest.