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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

Black Heart Phantasy: Boy Meets Honoi

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Published: 2 years ago

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This is the story of a young, homeless boy named Joey Sadowski, living on the streets of New York. One day, after trying to save a woman from a mugger, Joey is stabbed in the process and left for dead in an alley. But in his world of dimensional portals, one opens, and through it comes a beautiful, alien woman named Lezura Hembim, who rescues Joey and brings him back to her home world of Sangetsu. Lezura reveals to him that he is recruited to fight in a war amongst seven different species existing on the Planet, and is given the key of salvation in order to activate the awesome power of the God Titan Lirgaze to defeat those who seek to plunge the worlds in chaos This is a story filled with action, comedy, drama and adventure, as is certain to leave a lasting impression on readers fro generations to come. If you want to be apart of a new saga and a new world, this story will do nothing but deliver.


Very entertaining story. Though is somewhat a cliche like other "chosen-one" stories, the well crafted character and their dialog differentiate them from other heroes that just talk for sake of the story's plot. Plus the alien creatures, environments and killer mechs are a real plus! cant wait for the other story!


Joel S. Williams

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