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Biz Opp Of The Decade

About the author:
My philosophy of life is simple; I want to achieve a balance of...
I don't believe one can or should exist without the other, not if you want to truly live your
life to the fullest. ...
June is the author of numerous books dealing with success strategies
and the power of the mind. Her articles can be found at multiple
article directories across the web.
Have you ever been scammed?
Not a good feeling is it?
Let me use my big words and get them out of the way... I
unequivocally, vehemently, passionately hate scammers.
That may seem petty, I should be all about 'forgive and forget' and
'turn the other cheek', but that's difficult when someone reaches into
your pocket and STEALS next months rent, today's grocery money,
or worse, money needed for your children. This is multiplied when a
GOOD friend is about to fall victim to a possible scam. That very
scenario is what led to the writing of this book. My friend was in
danger of being scammed and I IMMEDIATELY jumped on my horse
and rode to war... Well,... "scam wars" anyway.
Do I seem bitter? Actually I'm not... I AM EXPERIENCED. I've been
scammed and it hurts. Once bitten, twice shy... you've probably heard
the expressions... it leaves a VERY BITTER taste. I promised myself