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Beyond Uranus

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Published: 3 years ago

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Pizza, lager and computer games. Roy is a thirty something disillusioned teacher bored with his mundane daily routine. His only talent in life is his ability to successfully challenge spotty teenage computer gamers and give them a good online thrashing. An opportunity of a lifetime gives Roy the courage to tell his boss to shove his job where the sun doesn’t shine. Thrown into a galactic world of space invaders Roy discovers love, lager and life beyond Uranus! A comedy space romp washed down with curry and pizza. A full novel of 80,000 words. Some of them aren't rude.

h diedericks

I really enjoyed this book ... great reading, thanks



Jeff Manners

Definitly worth the time to read a god plot with more to come.Did I mention funny well you just read it and hold on to your sides its a bust.


What a Hoot.It`s so funny.I can`t wait for the sequel.


great book, looking forward to the next.


What a fun read; a futuristic trip in the style of the 1950s Boys' Own Annual in which everyone is a jolly good fellow having a ripping time in the dorm with their chums. Even the ever so proper dialogue is exactly right. There's an excellent plot, social comment, a smidgin of naughtiness, an evil pilot, loads of marvellous scientific gobbledegook that could even be accurate, a few minor editing quirks, an unfortunate bit of stereotyping in Gary,[ and it was Alan Turing, not Turin].... but these are minor quibbles. I thoroughly enjoyed the read and look forward to the other books in the trilogy.


Stewart Bruce

I was born in Lincolnshire. After living in several places and countries, due to my father being in the RAF, my family eventually settled in South Wales. After completing a music degree and teacher training I moved to North Yorkshire in 1989 where I still live and teach.

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