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Being Healed and Staying Alive

Belova-Smorzh I.
Being Healed and Staying Alive. – ?., 2011. – 144 ?.
Designed by Ananko Katya
Translated into English by Belenkaya Irina
Edited by Natalia Ioffe
The book of Irina Belova-Smorzh, who was healed from the third stage of cancer
by the power of the Word of Living God, deals with a personal struggle with a
terminal illness.
My heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped me make this book happen,
especially to:
• The Holy Spirit for guiding me
• My mom and literary editor, Valeria Belova.
• My husband, Dmitry Smorzh
• Katya Ananko
• Irina Belenkaya
• Natalia Ioffe
• Nelya Lipatova
• Tatyana Zaichenko
• Irina Rozhkevich
• Tamara Nizhnik
• Veta Martzinovskaya
• Svetlana Bondarchuk
• Tatyana Bulatova
• Maria Kislyak
• Nina Hytraya
• Lyudmila Kovpak
• Lena Omelchenko
and many others who made this book possible
© (2011 Irina Belova-Smorzh
Any full or partial reproduction is prohibited without the written permission from the author)