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Bedtime Story

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Published: 3 years ago

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I see the blackness in its face, I see the blackness and I can't stop...there is nothing...I can't stop...please make me blind. It is said that fear makes us do the most terrible things. But what if it is all those terrible things we do, that create fear? The Circle has no end and there are the unfortunate ones that have to enter it, to give the form to our fear, to continue the legacy of The Faceless Man. Yet, ever worse a fate awaits those who mark their existence with acts of unreasonable cruelty. And if you are one of those who crossed the line where the logic ends, who breaks without reason, The Faceless Man would feel, The Faceless Man would find and the scream would follow.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The concept /plot is terrific. This is a case in which if the author had the proper resources to work with an editor to fix the grammar and develop certain points more strongly this could be a very popular work. The author demonstrates great potential. Keep writing!

christopher allan clarke

why do you say that youdilike bedtime story it is great

Christine Ho

First part of the book was good but then it just wondered off towards the end. Disappointing! There were also errors on grammar, punctuation and spellings.


Alim Kanoukoev

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