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As The Eagle Cries: Sharon's Journey Home

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Published: 5 years ago

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This is the story of a young woman, misdiagnosed with a bipolar disorder, her accident, and subsequent coma. Her mother begins a quest for answers, questioning her own spiritual beliefs. She finds self-discovery, guidance, and the peace that she desperately seeks in the teachings and traditions of Native American (Lakota) spirituality. It is only through a deep spiritual connection to her daughter in a coma that the family is able to make the final decision to remove her feeding tube. From that tragedy comes forth a greater awareness of the importance of life and death experiences, and the choices each one of us has to make. Download this FREE e-Book today!


too spiritual to believe it actually happened


couldn't believe what people will subject themselves to instead of just facing an issue. Too spiritual for me.

Lynne Warberg

Wonderful story! Thank you!


This is a beautiful story, you won't want to stop reading. Highly recommended.

Edith Strachan

A really beautiful story and journey - could not put it down for one minute. must read

Alena Sindelar

This book is really great and inspiring. It helped me see things differently. Touching true story of parental love.


Great book! Very inspiring!


This is a wonderful story of a mother's love and her spiritual journey.I would highly recommend it.

Doreen E Harris

I really enjoyed this book. I found it so helpful in explaining our spiritual selves, and makes the process of dying so comforting.


I have never read a book that has given me so much. The author wrote it so well that the flow was so good I was finished before I knew it and was seriously agitated that there wasn't anymore. I know take Shamanic journeys as often as I can and have been in touch with my power animals as well as spirt guides. Truely a gift that should be shared!


What a wonderful true story! I did not put this down till the end. Very insightful. I just with my own family was as loving as Sharon's!


It has open an insight on some of the practices of indigenous people in North America

Cristiam Barca

This is a good book to read if you want to understand a little bit more to appreciate your owned life, understand other as well and that responses to our prayers are everywhere we just need to pay more attention to those answers


My mother has bipolar and I enjoyed reading Carol's experiences even though she discovered a physical reason for her daughter's symptoms. I enjoyed reading of her spiritual discovery even though it is not my experience and I found myself praying that she is still finding peace and helping others. Thank you for sharing this with this community.

Stephanie clark

As The Eagle Cries is an excellent book.

Sarah Williams

Sad and touching story.


Bi-Polar disorder is a common illness and I hope what happened to Sharon will not happen to anyone else. The spiritual side of this story is very moving as well.

Bob Green

A sad and moving story and a very trippy spiritual journey.

Nancy McEntire

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Amit Dharmale

Nice book.. But I doubt, whether it happened actually or it was just authors hallucination.


Carol A. Freeman

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