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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

Arise a Hero

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Published: 3 years ago

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The world’s old gods lie dormant, imprisoned in an ageless rift. Yet there are those who seek to change this. Using their gods’ prison as a timeless training ground, their followers gain abilities far beyond that of any normal man. A large crystal and a young lady with a clouded heritage may hold the key to unlock their freedom. They will stop at nothing to achieve their dark aim. Fuelled by love, and the quest for immortality, they unleash an ancient killer from a forgotten time and even drag nations to war. Only the brave dare to stand in their way.

Jeremy Morgan

This book was awesome! Can't wait to read the sequel.


Such an enjoyable book, good job

Desiree Bubb

A great book.I could not put it down.


I liked it! There are some minor mistakes, but apart from that it was great!


Very well written, with the odd mistake, such as to/too and of/off. Most enjoyable.


A wonderful book, but i don't like being kept in the dark thou.When is the second book coming.


Fast paced & full of everything I need to keep me interested...excellent fantasy! I want more!!


when can we get the 2nd book?


Wayne Schreiber

Born in Croydon in 1971, my family moved to Norfolk where I grew up from an early age. After not taking school very seriously I then went on to continue my lack of interest in education at college for another year, before finally deciding that that it just wasn't for me, instead took a new path and joining the Royal Air Force. After twelve years of service, during which I got married, I had had more than my fill of military life and left to pursue a career in IT, for once with an element of success. However over the years, the old bedtime stories of myths and legends in the back of my head slowly worked their way back to the front. Now they have returned, in a new form - The Tanarian Chronicles, I hope that you enjoy them.

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