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Aquaponics: 10 Quick & Essential Facts To Get Started

How is Aquaponics Different From Hydroponics?
For many years, there has been a general debate about the efficiency of
aquaponic systems. The traditional supporters of hydroponics believe that
hydroponics is sufficient for producing quality vegetables and fruits. I’m not
debating the fact that hydroponics has served its purpose well. But as with
all agricultural technologies, hydroponics has limitations.
The first limitation is that you continually add nutrients to the water to
sustain the hydroponic plants. The second limitation involves the water used
in the system itself. One of the downsides of hydroponics is that you have to
drain some of the water on a regular basis in order to keep the water clean.
Then we have traditional pond aquaculture. People can harvest fish, but the
vegetation growing on top of the pond is mostly inedible. Aquaponics
combines the best facets of pond aquaculture and hydroponics to produce
something truly unique: a system that produces almost zero waste and
utilizes animal waste and food waste to nourish vegetables and fruits.
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