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Mystery Ebooks

April at the Antique Alley

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Published: 2 years ago

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Author: Bill McGrath

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Book 4 of the Xara Smith Mysteries. All Xara wants is a few days off, and that is why she and her partner Jill are cruising around in a large rental truck doing some antique shopping. The vacation comes to a quick end when the antique store owner is found murdered. Xara helps the police solve the murder and in a thrilling chase scene she rescues Jill from the killer using a little trick with her car keys. In this episode we first meet Xara's new girlfriend and they spend a little time in Xara's new hot-tub.

Pat Price

Not prose but a good story. I couldn't put it down. I had some hesitations that a man could write about a lesbian PI, but he did a good job.

Rusty Baker

Good Book. I want to read the rest of the series.


Apart from the typos good easy reading- suitable holiday book

Pat Price

I wasn't sure a man could write convincingly about a lesbian, but he did a great job. This book is both engaging and delightful. I REALLY want o find the rest of his books!

Ralph Philip

I found the narrative well-paced and suspenseful. The sexual content was tastefully presented. The ending was crisp and well thought-out. There were several typos that absolutely need to be cleaned up; however, none interfere with comprehension or flow.


I wanted to like this ebook, but after the first 10 pgs without any spoken dialogue and some typos, I couldn't justify continuing. Whatever happened to "show; don't tell?"


Bill McGrath

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