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April At The Antique Alley

nothing but work on refurnishing my abode while I waited patiently to get a year
Apparently Jill and I were serious though about antique shopping because
we had earlier that week rented a storage unit near my home where we would
deposit the treasures we bought this week-end so they would have a place to gather
dust until we actually started their refinishing process. We also had arranged to
transport our finds as we were not currently riding in my six year old Taurus nor
Jill’s two year old Beetle. We were, in fact, stylishly motoring around downtown
Dallas in an orange and white rented truck which was hard to drive and even
harder to park, but it would be just perfect if we found any furniture.
It was not yet desperation time but it was getting closer by the minute. It was
three in the afternoon on this beautiful April Saturday and we had been at it for
nearly four hours without buying a single thing. Should we end this day without a
truck load of old furniture our plan would continue tomorrow, Sunday, at the huge
local flea market called “Trader’s Village” in Arlington which is a good sized
suburb just west of Dallas. Jill had planned the week-end. She saw nothing wrong
with hitting the antique stores on Saturday and the flea market on Sunday. I was in
favor of our alternate plan which was that we would buy a truck full of goodies
today and spend all Sunday in my hot tub which was only two months old and I
still hopped into every chance I got. Therefore, as I said, it was not yet desperation
time, but it was getting close.
We exited a small antique store called “Parnell’s Prize Antiques” and
walked next door to “Lola’s Attic.” The entire front wall of the store had a faded
mural which depicted a six or seven year old girl dressed in an old fashioned
flowery blue dress with matching bonnet. The little Lola in the picture was
carrying a huge wicker basket up a narrow stair case to what one would expect to
be an attic rich with treasures.
As we walked into the building we were greeted by the real Lola who looked
to be about seventy years old. I could tell she was Lola though by the old fashioned
flowery blue dress and bonnet which matched the girl in the mural.
The real Lola may have been seventy years old but she was sharp as a tack
and appeared to be in perfect health. She was currently haggling prices with a
young couple but welcomed us to her store and promised to be available to help us
in moments.
I really do not know if she ever successfully negotiated a deal with the
young couple or not because Jill and I sort of got lost in the treasures while we
were waiting. The place was definitely a used furniture store because the huge
store front was arranged in row after narrow row of dusty old furniture but to the
obvious furniture that was for sale there had been added little things all over the
place making it almost impossible to see each piece of furniture without moving