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Analyzing Photos

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Published: 5 years ago

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Download this FREE e-Book, and learn how to analyze photos, and how to implement the same techniques that the pros use to take great shots. Download it now!


The very book is really small, but it has a link to newsletters with advices for the beginners. Also the explanation of how to tune into the artistic perception of nature is really first-class. It is as if opened my eyes and changed my approach to photography.Thank you, Sanchez!


This paper seems like it was done for an entry level middle school photography class. The leading photo has a tilted horizon and the writer didn't notice that. So if he misses such a basic rule of landscape photography during his analysis of the photo, how much faith can you put in his analysis of the remainder of photos in this book? This book has a few good tips, but you can Google "photo composition" and get better tips.


Too short but on the mark.


Very amateurish - commends a photo with a tilted horizon and says it is a good photo ?

Kevin Opperman

Although the content is valid arguments, the ebook lacks detail. At a measly 4 pages, there isn't much to be learnt from this ebook.


This is not a book9 pages wow!!!!!


Al Sanchez

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