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An Introduction to Homeopathic Medicine

3.11 Despite all promises our Health System is ill
3.12 Natural Science is a true Science because it is based on Universal
3.13 Allopathy is not based on Natural Laws
3.14 A true Universal Law must have general and timeless validity
3.15 Universal Law of Unity and Diversity
3.16 Homeopathic Law of Whole in Diagnosis and Treatment
3.17 Etiology of Diseases and Law of Whole
3.18 Homeopathic Law of Whole and Structure of Man
3.19 Homeopathic Law of Individualization
3.20 Homeopathic Law of Minimum Dose
3.21 Homeopathic Law of Similar
3.22 Homeopathic Law of Hierarchy
3.23 Homeopathic Law of Disease Suppression
3.24 The Pyramid of the Worlds of Universe
3.25 Energy-Material World
3.26 Etheric World and human Etheric Body
3.27 “In the image of”
3.28 Universal Law of Unity and Diversity
3.29 Universal Law of Minimum Consumption of Energy
3.30 Universal Law of Hierarchy
4.1 Can Homeopathy help in acute illnesses?