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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

An Eye for Draco

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Published: 2 years ago

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"A peculiar mix of characters on a journey. A portly feline and a murder of crows with a vendetta." Born through necessity came the blackest night ever known to Planet Yarn. Neither cloud nor aurora dare obscure the sky on this night for in its clarity, a manifestation at the constellation Draco. From that manifestation a single fellow they'd call 'Draco' fell upon the ground. His objective: To find a few insolent (but valiant) morons to resolve the guide dragon crisis for him. Lady Oktober is domesticating the dragons of Planet Yarn, she's given the beasts brain-freeze and is selling them on to the townspeople as 'guide dragons'. She's kidnapped Queen Mildred and is holding King Merlot in his castle against his wishes. Will Niggling Nigel, Milo the fiddler, Mr Bo and Fyn be...


Good childrens book & easy to read.


Halley Halford

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