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An Enemy of the People

Dramatis Personae
DR. THOMAS STOCKMANN, Medical Officer of the Municipal Baths.
MRS. STOCKMANN, his wife.
PETRA (their daughter) a teacher.
EJLIF & MORTEN (their sons, aged 13 and 10 respectively).
PETER STOCKMANN (the Doctor's elder brother), Mayor of the
town and chief constable, Chairman of the Baths' Committee, etc.
MORTEN KIIL, a tanner (Mrs. Stockmann's adoptive father).
HOVSTAD, editor of the "People's Messenger."
BILLING, sub-editor.
ASLAKSEN, a printer.
Men of various conditions and occupations, a few women, and a
troop of schoolboys--the audience at a public meeting.
The action takes place in a coastal town in southern Norway,