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American Werewolves

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Published: 2 years ago

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Author: Melissa Pederson

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He looks into my eyes, determined. “I’m a werewolf.” My jaw drops. Everyone knows that the supernaturals exist. What they don't know is who they are. The only thing Tess wants is to get out of her over protective and controlling moms house- and away from her step dad- go to college, and never look back. But when she accidentally gets involved with a werewolf pack- the pack her two best friends are in- her life spins out of control. Secrets. Betrayal. Twists. The supernaturals are closer than she thought.

Fhadwa Adams

Entertaining story line but too rushed and needs some depth.


You need to keep writing this I need to read more you have such a wonderful mind to create this!!!


Series would be nice! Do need Proofreading though, some errors, but enjoyed it VERY much. Thanks!!

Gemma Guzman

love the book, but it's to short. I wish it was longer.I think it's a great start of a series.


it was good needed a bit of proofreading. thought it was short but would be a great start to a series


A short YA book about werewolves.I liked the beginning and the concept how the supernaturals were an open secret.Since the werewolves in this story do not have to shift at every moon, it was believable that Tess' best friend might be one and she wouldn't know about it.I do like fast paced books but many this one felt a little rushed at some places-the step dad being young and a vampire was just sprung on us.Tess' reactions to some revelations seemed a tad unreal-Adam's mom hadn't left him and Tess didn't ask him about that when she finds out.It is an enjoyable read and shows potential to be made into a good series but the spelling mistakes need to go. Review on GoodreadsReview on Amazon


i really liked this book.....pleeeeeeeaaaaaase do a series..plllllsss

Heather Bell

Really good! Wish it were a series!

shen khan

I am an avid fan of werewolves and in fact shifter novels and also vampires, in fact any supernatural stuff, so it is great to see this ebook on here. Please do list more of such books, as I am sure there are a lot of closet shifter fans who are not saying anything. :-)


Melissa Pederson

My pen name is Emma Rose...just so ya'll know. I grew up in the rainy northwest and and stayed indoors mostly, writing and reading as many books as i can. It's my dream to be a writer and i'm working toward that dream by writing as much as i can and listening to feedback.

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