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All Aboard! A Comprehensive Introduction To Model Trains

Chapter 5: Train Modeling Terms for Beginners
One thing that tends to confuse people who are just getting into
the exciting world of train modeling is the various terms and
phrases used among those who have been apart of the hobby for
some time. For example, many beginners don't understand that a
“work bench” is actually the platform the train display is set on,
not a separate work area.
In other cases, there are also discrepancies between terms in
different countries since train modeling is “The World's Greatest
Hobby” after all. An example of this would be the fact that in the UK
the hobby is referred to as “railroad modeling” instead of train
modeling as it is in the US. This can also cause a bit of confusion.
Here are some of the common terms and phrases that you should
familiarize yourself with. Apart of becoming a veteran train
modeler is learning the language after all.
List of Terms
Accessory Digital Decoder:
This is a device which powers and controls non-train moving parts
on the display. This includes objects such as bridges, cranes, and
Also known as a work bench. This is the foundation that the display
sits on top of.
A device that controls the locomotive, track switches, and layout
These are the large wheels on a steam locomotive connected by side
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