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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

Adventures Through Time

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Published: 3 years ago

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Book Two in the adventures through time of Nancy Laplante, a Canadian war correspondent and reserve army officer of the year 2012. Nancy is in the process of building her Time Patrol, based in the 34th Century, but is forced to prematurely go on a mission in 1st Century Palestine, a mission that will mark her deeply. Juggling her time between her original life in the early 21st Century and her duties with the Time Patrol, Nancy will, without warning have to confront the might of the Imperium, an aggressive, militaristic civilization of the future. To save the pacifist civilization that the Time Patrol is serving, Nancy will then have no choice but to break her own rules and make drastic changes to history by intervening in a war in the past.


I'm very much enjoying this series and just downloaded book 3. I do have to wonder as Nancy has saved so many untold thousands of lives in timeline 'B' what that means for global population growth. By 2013 we have 7 Billion in timeline 'A' where all those untold thousands if not millions did die. Climate change must be way out of hand in 2013 timeline 'B'. LOL!

Darrell Ray

The entire series is worth reading although it is obvious that writer is not a native English speaker. The author tries to pack to many things into the books but I enjoyed the series.

Ian Graham

The story has three parallel timelines with characters hopping from one to another as well as whizzing about in time and space. A recipe for confusion. But the writer keeps it all clear and easy to follow. Very clever.

claude irby

my computer went and crashed before I got this completely read. I sure was glad to see it still on the rack here. Looking forward to the next book!


Read it in 2 days, couldn't put it down. Am waiting with baited breath breath for the last of the series.

Robert Lychak

Excellent storytelling high recommend.


Just proofread and improve the grammar. It is a fine story


Good concept but the story can get a bit over the top on ocassions. With all the build up /potential here for the cross time war - all over in a flash.

Donald Chadderton

The story is quite interesting but appears to have been written in French and the translation is a literal one which means the grammar is incorrect in a lot of places and wrong words are used i.e. it says things like "obscurity fell" instead of night or darkness fell. Once you get the hang of though its easy to follow.

Nemesio Elefante

Good reading, but sometimes the Mitsubishi Outlander becomes Jeep Grand Cherokee!

Han Wielink

I like books about time travel and alternative time lines. I liked this book very much, and I try to read all the books written by this author.

M T Longstreet

A native English speaking editor would have greatly improved this book. The story line was not helped by turning a married Nancy into a sexual preditor. Nor was it helped by trying to be a poor imitation of Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" which was based on "Holy Blood Holy Grail", a book which included court documented lies. The first book was much better.


Great read. Be sure to read the second book as well. four stars from me.


I agree with Derek above. A good editor could help make this book an excellent mainstream read - the concepts are intriguing and the action is nonstop! Is there going to be a sequel?

James Jolliffe

This is an excellent follow-up to 'Codename: Athena' The author has an incredible imagination and integrates historical facts into the story in a truly fascinating way.The only negatives concerning this book are grammatical errors and problems with the translation to English. This however, does not detract greatly from the overall readability of the book. I highly recommend this book series.

James Jolliffe

I love these books! A really great story. It has tons of historical people, places, and times. Can't wait for the next book in the series!


This author has a brilliant imagination and the scope of his stories is excellent. Unfortunately English is not his mother tongue and impinges badly on the readability of his work. his syntax is often bizarre and he frequently uses totally inappropriate words. with the help of a good editor, his books would be suitable for mainstream publication.

Kelly Gee

Great followup to the first book Codename: Athena! This writer is extremely talented. The type of book where you didn't want to put it down because you had to know what was going to happen next. I will definitely be checking out some of Michel Poulin's other books!

Toru Ide

I loved the book. I loved Code name: Athena very much as well. I was looking forward to the sequel. I hope to see a sequel to this book as well. With Time line C being mentioned I am expecting that I will not be disappointed.


Michel Poulin

Retired from the Canadian Forces after 32 years of service. Supplement pension with night job as security guard. Married, with two grown sons.

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