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Acts of God

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Published: 4 years ago

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Author: K. T. Tyler

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A mystery of faith, fear, legend and human frailty. A monumental moment in history is revisited from a fresh though somewhat bizarre perspective. As faith meets fantasy and the two become hopelessly enmeshed, the search for an answer only uncovers more devilish questions


Where is book two? HURRY!

sharbel nasr

When will the rest of the story be ready? is it possible to read the rest here or will the book be published?


This is my kind of story. Fast moving with lots of mysteries to be solved. I can't wait to read more and see if it goes in an occult, adventure or theological direction. ie Buffy, Indiana Jones or DaVinci Code. :-)


wow, not what I expected, but really woke up my mind this morning ... looking forward to the next installment. I wonder what turns a Jew from his orthodox upbringing to atheism - post graduation education, likely. This is a great story to read with DRAMATIC Mozart playing in the background.


Well, I read it again and there's still a lot I don't get. There are so many possibilities. I still give it a four the second time.

chef jahweh

Thanks, Karen. Yes, there are many questions. For example...Where is Harvey? What does the scroll contain? Why did the Sacred Order give it away after 800 years? And exactly what did happen and who or what is really behind it? Seriously, email what you think, we'll throw it in the pot and see what happens next. Silly to review your own stuff, but I'll give it a 3 for effort and sign up for a creative writing course.


Wow. Different. Powerful. Many questions unanswered is right. This is not the kind of short story I am used to reading. It forces you to think. There is so much left open to interpretation, it also forces you to apply your own pre-conceived notions, and then to examine them. A courageous and risky piece, with rich undercurrents and so much below the surface that I am going have to let it sit a while then read it again.


K. T. Tyler

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