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A to Z about RSS

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Published: 4 years ago

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Author: Herman Melville

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Herman Melville lived in the 19th Century, and the terms, Internet and RSS, would not have come into his mind in even the wildest of his dreams. Still, a lot of writers have come and gone after him. The foregoing statement is made for lack of a better one, by the author of this FREE eBook, in his effort to present his concept to you. In modern times, money has stirred an honest nest around us, and although money cannot be said to be everything in our lives, there is the integral fact that none of us can live without it. We all crave it, and run after it, using different means. It is those means that we select to run our business that matter. Putting it in simple words, modern-day business is all about connecting people. Download this FREE eBook now!

Timothy Belthsazar Liem

well explained for RSS newbies like me. thank you so much.


Herman Melville

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