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A Youth's Thoughts

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Published: 3 years ago

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Thirty poems about love, depression, and life written by an 18 year old young man. Live in this youth's mind and see the world through his eyes!


great thoughts,great poems , wonderful wordskeep the good work , may Allah bless you supports you & be with you


I didn't like poems before but now Weal makes me wants more. thank you Wael it was a great journey for me in your book. keep going and I will support you all the way up.


Hi everyone,I am the author of A Youth's Thoughts. Thank you for reading, downloading, and spending time reading my book. I'll be very appreciated if you shared me your comments and reviews about the book. Either if these comments were positive or negative, either if you liked the book or disliked it, all will be valuable and helpful for me to improve myself. Thank you for reading.


Wael Hussein Bobsait

My name is Wael Hussein Ali Bobsait. I was born and raised in Makkah/Saudi Arabia at the 10th of October, 1992. Currently, I'm a student at Umm Al-Qura University in the English Language Department. For me, poetry is my private world. It's a great chance to be out of this world for a while to explore my imagination and to swim in the ocean of thoughts. It also gives me the freedom to write what I want when I want. Sometimes it's hard to tell or to explain to people what I feel inside especially when it comes to hard feelings like sadness, anger, gloom or love.

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